What are the new trends for 2017 with online casinos?

2016 showed a lot of promise for a fairer deal for players, with the UK Gambling Commission showing serious intent by pulling the licences of several operators and some serious enhancements to self exclusion policies and responsible gambling options at some of the biggest online brands. We think this trend is for sure set to continue in 2017 as the online gambling industry seeks to self regulate to ensure its long term survival. Here are our predictions for the coming year!

Australia to make online casinos illegal

This seems inevitable now as the very powerful land-based casino lobby (the pokies and pub industry) have pretty much guaranteed a rocky ride for virtual operators. We predict a possible softening of the hard-line approach later in the year to attempt to claw back some revenue.

Bitcoin casinos to continue growth

There are various reasons to love bitcoin right now – anonymity, it’s growing value, and the potential to operate worldwide without borders. We think 2017 could be the year it starts to crossover into the mainstream!

Trump to announce the unexpected!

We don’t know which way this one will go. We imagine that Trump is still heavily invested in land-based operations so online gambling may be due heavier restriction. However, anything could happen!

New casino launches to slow down

The market is undoubtedly a lot more hotly contested than ever, but the implications of licensing and regulation are only just making themselves clear. We think that 2017 will mark the turning point where new casino launches slow down.

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